Land Surveyor: Famous Land Disputes All Over the World

A land surveyor may not be recognized as much as a doctor or a lawyer, but no one can dispute that they play a very crucial role on Earth. As proof, several countries all over the world have unsettled land … Continue reading

Welcome to Columbus Land Surveying

Welcome to Columbus Land Surveying's website This site is intended to provide you with information on Land Surveying in the Columbus, GA, Muscogee County, GA and the Phenix City, AL, Russell County, AL and surrounding areas of Georgia and Alabama. If … Continue reading

What is a Topo Surveyor?

Topo Surveying and Topo Surveyor A Topographic Surveyor also known as Topo Surveyor collects the survey data to locate man-made and natural marks and its elevations on a particular portion of land. It normally comprises any man-made underground marks such … Continue reading